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There are no plans to increase new capacity


Hebei Iron and Steel Group said, HBIS Group mills are currently at full capacity besides normal maintenance for some rolling lines.No new capacity plans at current stage and mainly focus on deepening integration aspects and technological innovation.

Meanwhile, the company said that at present the company's products sell well, finished goods inventory maintained at normal levels.

In addition, the usage of imported iron ore, the company said,Tangshan and Handan branch offices accounted for most,and Chengde branch offices accounted smaller.

The current annual steel product output of Hebei Iron and Steel is around 29 million tons,which contains about 60% plate product (hot rolled steel plate,galvanized steel plate,cold rolled steel plate,wide-heavy steel plate) and 40% long product (Angle steel,H-beam,Channels,Round bars,Pipes,Tubes)

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