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GL garde B marine steel plates fast delivery to Callao shipyard customer

Adding order from our peru customer for their urgent ship repairing usage,it was just only 16.785tons Grade B with GL certificated.Shipyard logistics manager asked us 10days delivery to our port ready for shipment,this seems impossible for rolling orders,because there is no stock in our warehouses for their abnormal width and length.Finally we accept their this urgent small order in advantage of our ability and relationships with national mills in China.Once we accept order,we must try utmost efforts to comply each order.We knew that would be a big loss if delyed steel plates supplying for ship repairing.

At the same time rolling,our logisitics team are booking container vessel for this order in advance,finally booked one 40 feet container from CSAV.After finished all GL Grade B ship plates and loaded into container and left Shanghai port,it totally spend only 10days.This is fastest record for our rolling orders shipment.Our team were happy for celebration of this.Just for our utmost satisfy our customer and bring them more values through cooperated with us.


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