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A283Gr.C steel plates used in Singapore’s subway ventilating system

With our Singaporean agent win the bid in Jan. 2013,Xinsteel became the only appointed supplier for Singapore government subway ventilating system project.They need total 586.375 metric tons hot rolled carbon steel plates A283 Grade C in their first stage for this project.Among these hot rolled steel plates,the thicknesses which Singaporean government demands are 6mm,8mm and 10mm.They are all thin steel plates for Xinsteel to roll.

For guarantee this project going fastly and in advance,Xinsteel’s logistics team suggest our customer to accept partial shipment.When Xinsteel rolled the first lot steel plates about 350tons within 15 days after contracted,and there was a break bulker coming and we shipped them out to Singapore firstly,and they are smoothly used to this project.Finally the balanced steel plates are shipped out within 10 days after the first lot.Singaporean government and our agent locally feel very happy about our shipment in advance than promised delivery time.

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